Brighton Makers Hub - Brighton's Makers Hub transforms an old car park into a vibrant community space with workshops and a pathway showcasing the Hippodrome's restoration.

Site Analysis - The site analysis addresses the need to restore Brighton's derelict Hippodrome, emphasizing the importance of theatre and the creation of a community Makers Hub.

Development - In the building's development, a key route between the Hippodrome and Makers Hub has been maintained. Features such as canopies and scaffolding have been introduced.

Site Plans - The site plans highlight the strong connections between the Makers Hub and Brighton Hippodrome. The 1:500 map illustrates the link between the site and street performances in the town.

Floor Plan - The floorplan maps the public's path through the hippodrome to the makers hub, including access points to workshops and outdoor areas.loorplan illustrates the route taken by the public through the hippodrome to access the makers hub, along with the different workshops and access

Section & Elevation - Both illustrations highlight the important link between the makers hub and Brighton's hippodrome during its repair phase, enhancing users' experiences.

Structural Details - The structure comprises a timber-framed CLT structure for workshops, a steel-framed aluminum-cladded walkway and cafe spaces, and strategically placed mats supporting ETFE canopies.

Environmental Section - The makers hub incorporates various environmental features to boost space performance and enhance energy efficiency.

Perspective Section - The perspective section showcases pathways and entrances in the hippodrome, along with the main walkway for transporting restored materials.

1:100 Model - The model showcases detailed space designs and is covered by plastic canopies, visually linking it to the hippodrome.

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