PANJ, Vegan Lassi canned drink that celebrates the Punjabi Culture.
PANJ, Vegan Lassi canned drink that celebrates the Punjabi Culture.
The visual identity for Next Stop

NOOR - Issue 1 editorial - This editorial raises the issue of the underrepresentation of Muslim Women in the creative industry to create an inclusive environment for all. It consists of interviews of these women, highlighting their experiences and struggles whilst practising their faith.

#WHYVOTE - Tick in a Box - A Creative Conscience competition submission to encourage young people to vote in the general elections. This received a special mention in the winner's article.

HEADS OR TAILS? Let Women Choose. - A t-shirt design that protests for women’s rights and freedom. The coin represents two different sides of the world, in which women don't have the freedom nor choice about the Hijab.

PANJ - Vegan Lassi (Logo) - PANJ strives to bring people together by celebrating the rich Punjabi traditional roots, regardless of your background or location.

PANJ - Vegan Lassi - PANJ offers not only excellent health benefits but also a comforting taste of home.

NEXT STOP (Visual Identity) - NEXT STOP is an end of year showcase to bring confidence in the student's abilities, ready for the 'NEXT STOP' ahead.

My sketchbook - Flip through - Sketching and ideating is an important aspect of my design process. It is how I visualise my first ideas before moving them into the digital screen.

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