"Grave concerns" with how social media and search engines can affect the journalism industry. - Social media and search engines can often help news organisations reach new audiences however, there have been changes to how search engines and social media display news to users.

"It's not acceptable" How the journalism industry needs to address socioeconomic diversity. - There has often been stereotypes of people who are journalists, where they come from socially. But for those that have come from a lower socioeconomic background, there can be challenges for them trying to access the industry.

"Depressing but not surprising" An insight into the financial challenges of freelance journalism - Freelancing can suit some peoples lifestyle however, one of the challenges that can be faced is the lack of financial stability that is offered when freelancing.

7 tips on how to handle rejection as a student journalist - Rejection is sometimes an unforgotten part of the journalism industry, so here are some tips for students to help with rejection.

"Words don't hurt... but they do" The impact social media backlash can have on journalists' mental health. - The job of being a journalist can often leave you exposed to the public which can increase the chance of experiencing trolling and the impact this can have on a journalists mental health.

"Technology is like an addiction." Creating a healthy work-life balance as a journalist. - Technology can be a double-edged sword, it allows us to be connected to people that we would normally not be able to. However, it can also impact on our work-life balance.

"It's okay not to be okay": How the journalism industry can affect mental health. - The journalism industry can have severe impacts on a person's mental health with conditions ranging from anxiety and depression through to PTSD. Just how bad is the currently mental health issues in the journalism industry?

Revealed: The cost of school PE training shirts in Birmingham - Exclusive analysis has revealed the most expensive, cheapest and average price of school PE training shirts in Birmingham.

Revealed: Top ten most reliable EV manufacturers - Exclusive analysis of data from the Department for Transport has revealed the ten most reliable EV manufactures by their first time MOT pass rates.

“Growth of new EV’s to consumers has plateaued” How are new car registrations holding up? - As the cost-of-living crisis has been affecting multiple industries, the automotive industry has seen consistent growth through the crisis however, there are new challenges when it comes to the sales of new privately owned electric vehicles.

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