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Terms and Conditions

Final Artwork Display – Consent and Confirmation

[Guidance note:  This document asks for your consent for the University to display your work and to attribute it to you as a student of the University and to provide details of your course and year of study.  By clicking the accept button at the end of this document you are consenting to the University using your personal data in order to acknowledge your work.  By clicking the accept button you are also confirming that the work does not contain any third party Intellectual Property Rights or third party contributions, or if it does, that you have the necessary consent and authorisation to use such IPR/contribution within your work and that the relevant third party consents to the University displaying it for non-commercial marketing purposes.

  1. The University would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on completing some wonderful work this academic year.  The University would very much like to take the opportunity to showcase its graduating students work around Birmingham City.  Work would be displayed digitally and physically on billboards around Birmingham City and would be displayed for marketing purposes only. The University would not be advertising work for sale.  The University would like to attribute your name and course details and possibly confirm which year of your course you are currently studying in as part of the display of your work.  By clicking the accept button you are providing the University with your consent for us to attribute the work displayed to you and provide details of your course and year of study.  If you do not wish to provide your consent to this information being displayed with your work, please contact your Course Leader as it may be possible for the University to display your work anonymously. 
  2. When you registered to become a student at the University you entered into your Student Contract with us. Your Student Contract included the University’s Intellectual Property policy (“IP Policy”) available at https://bcuassets.blob.core.windows.net/docs/intellectual-property-policy-131558434608871586.pdf.  
  3. The IP Policy specifically allows the University to publicly exhibit work created by students for non-commercial purposes (clause 2.6) and there are also provisions where Taught Students grant the University a licence to use materials they create during the course of their studies (clause 2.3).  As you will see from clause 2.3 of the IP Policy, Taught Students “are responsible for ensuring that they are able to grant BCU the rights set out in this Policy, including seeking permission from relevant third parties where appropriate”.  
  4. Whilst the University would very much like to display your work, it is important for the University to know that, by doing so, it will not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights owned by a third party by displaying the work without their authority. Details of what is or what could be considered Intellectual Property is available in the IP Policy (Appendix 1).  
  5. Examples of where this may be relevant are:
    1. if a student used a photographer to take some pictures for them as part of a piece of academic work and the student did not have the consent of the photographer to use their copyright in the photographs; 
    2. if a student decided to use a copy of a well known logo or person (including animated characters) as part of their own design.  Displaying this piece of work, without the consent of the owner of the incorporated element, could result in the infringement of that person or entity’s Intellectual Property Rights; and/or
    3. if a student incorporated moving images such as extracts from films, videos and/or any spoken word extracts, such as music and/or poetry readings, this could amount to breach of a third person or entities Intellectual Property Rights, in particular, copyright.  Consent is needed to incorporate not only visual extracts, but audio ones as well.   
  6. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the content of this consent document, including what may or may not constitute third-party Intellectual Property, or third-party work or contributions, please do not hesitate to contact your Course Leader who will be happy to help you by directing you to the University Commercialisation & Contracts team.
  7. In order to help the University to ensure that it does not infringe any third-party rights by displaying your work, please can you confirm, by clicking the accept button that to the best of your knowledge and belief the remainder of this clause 7 (regarding ownership and/or authorisation in relation to your work) is correct.  
    1. By clicking the accept button you are confirming that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, your work, which the University would like to publicly display, is:
    2. either solely your own workand does not incorporate or use any other person or entity’s Intellectual Property; or
    3. in the event that it does contain any third-party’s Intellectual Property, work, or contribution, that you have that third-party’s consent and authorisation to use their work / contribution as part of your work and that they consent to the University displaying such work for non-commercial marketing purposes.